Are Arsenal Financially Healthy?

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Arsenal are set for a financial boost by the end of the 2022/23 campaign either through a Premier League title win or their first Champions League qualification since 2017. But are they financially healthy? How do they stack up against their Premier League rivals? How have they been managing their spending?

Abhishek Raj writes, Craig Silcock illustrates.

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20 comentarios en «Are Arsenal Financially Healthy?»

  1. Tittle for man city like always

    Arsenal want 2 win the tittle outside the pitch with the other 7 clubs ! Everyone know!!
    So that's why I hate Arsenal and the little boy Arteta

    Peace ✌️🕊️🕊️

  2. Healthier than being owned by murderous despotic regimes? (Newcastle, Man City, PSG) Yes. Healthier than committing accountancy fraud? (Barcelona, Juventus, Man City, Chelsea) Yes. Healthier than being owned by a state backed gangster for a decade? (Chelsea) Yes.

  3. 1:20
    Seriously Tifo? You're going put City's number there after the 113 charges the FA laid on them? Most of which being that they cooked the books and lied about their profits….!?

  4. Arsenal were the Big 6 team whose share of revenue from matchday income was the highest prior to COVID, and playing to empty stadiums greatly impacted their liquidity. This resulted in a cash injection from KSI, repayable on extremely lenient terms, which may be hampering the revving engine of revenue growth. Couple that with still being burdened by bad deals made under questionable circumstances by previous directors – Nicolas Pepé's deal had such glaring irregularities as to get Raul Sanellhi fired – the amortization share of debt is likely to abate somewhat once those come off the books. Player sales have been a weakness of recent Arsenal transfer policy; only Alex Iwobi, Emi Martinez, and Joe Willock represent substantial profits for the club since Wenger's resignation, and all were essentially no-cost players from Hale End. This stands to improve significantly because the team's players are now 1) not ancient and 2) playing well enough to be desirable for buying clubs. The extra €50m-odd revenue share for UCL qualification ought to paper over any red flags mentioned in the video.

  5. The point about debt is so obtuse. Man United are in debt because of the leveraged buyout by the Glazers while Tottenham are in debt because they built a gigantic, state of the art stadium. Arsenal are in debt because their finances are unsustainable without Champions League football. Which they missed for 6 years.

  6. I feel like the club is one summer away from reaping the investment into transfers. We'll need a couple of big signings this summer but after that we'll have a proper, complete squad and the majority of our purchases have been successful meaning we'll be able to offload some players for hefty fees.

  7. We need to get and stay in the UCL, do better at selling players and also tap the potential for commercial deals, to rely less on match day income (although playing UCL will be paramount)

  8. Arsenal's owner are too busy with their american clubs in american football, basketball, hockey and so on…..he's also busy with his ranch expanding….forcing one of his neighbors to end himself because he was forced to give the land to Arsenal's owner…

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